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"Take Your Business Global With Minimal Expense

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Universal Marketing Group, LLC is a licensed, family-operated, home-based company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We have been in existence since September 2002 and have since that time underwent a number of positive changes that have led to increased growth.

The company is currently an affiliate of and independent contractor for Strong Future International which is a division of Carson Services located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Universal Marketing Group is always looking for new and profitable joint venture opportunities into which to enter with other legitimate business enterprises or individuals.

We invite everyone to visit our online store, Tripleclicks, and see all of the awesome savings that we have there.

Additionally, we encourage everyone to seriously consider joining Our Home Business Opportunity as a member of our marketing team. There is never any obligation to do anything if you don't want too and yes, this is a real business opportunity.

"We provide as much assistance as we possibly can to each member that joins our team because their success means we're successful. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us."

Nathaniel Balcom, President
Universal Marketing Group, LLC



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